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    Sinochem Jiangsu hold International Women's Day,

    In order to greet the 2016 International Women's Day, Sinochem Jiangsu Co., Ltd. union gave a happy, harmonious and memorable holiday to all female staff through a series of various-forms and content-rich activities.      

    The company union prepared two books, Analects of Confucius and charm practice for women staff in advance and sent a spiritual feast to them on Women's Day. With the books they can broaden their horizon and enrich their mental world. On the holiday the union also arranged them to visit Shitangzhuhai in Jiangning, hoping to relax them from the stress of daily work.    

    Despite of the rainy weather, they are still full of enthusiasm. On the way to Shitangzhuhai,the union president Zhangling on behalf of the company expressed fesitive greetings to all women staff. She also promote the latest national family planning policy and thanked them for their contribution to the company's development.

    After the arrival of the destination, everyone took photos to catch the beautiful view and commemorate this wonderful holiday.