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    R & D


    Sinochem Pharmaceutical’s R&D Center is located in Zhongshan Science and Technology Creative Park inside Nanjing Polytechnic Institute, Luhe District. The Center’s research group is composed of overseas returnees, technical personnel with doctoral or master degrees, and technical personnel for organic chemical synthesis and analysis who have rich experience in factory production. The Center is well equipped with advanced experiment instruments such as NMR, HPLC, GC, MS, reaction still of kilogram class and other testing machine, equipment and other experimental devices. It also set a modern pilot plant test base in the suburb of Changzhou City, with numerous cooperative factories around the country.

    With the aim of accelerating Sinochem Pharmaceutical’s strategic transformation and serving main business, and the orientation to requirements of clients and markets as a goal, R&D Center has got fruitful results in custom synthesis and new product development. Meanwhile, it continuously enhances the communications with many renowned chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, R&D Center reinforces the cooperation with some famous universities and research institutions in and out of China in order to exchange technology and share resources.

    Now, R&D Center is mainly engaged in the research and development of pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals raw materials and chemical intermediates. Besides the normal organic synthesis, the Center can also carry out various special unit reactions, including operations in moisture free, oxygen free, high pressure, high vacuum or low temperature conditions, and operation of unstable compound. With perfect experiment condition and perfect detection equipment, the Center can carry on chemical synthesis experiment from gram level to kilogram level, as well as small and pilot tests of new products, and assist the factory to complete the commercial production of multiple products.

    As the strategic pillar for main trade business of the Company, R&D Center has built a bridge of technical contact between the company and clients through research and development support and effective communication with clients.